Household cleaning

We are a leading manufacturer of speciality chemical ingredients and performance additives for household cleaning and air care applications. This includes fabric and laundry care, surface care, automatic and hand dishwash, and innovative technologies in odour neutralisation.
We can help you develop innovative new formulations to meet consumer needs, optimise performance and improve the overall environmental profile of final formulations.

Industrial and institutional cleaning

The development of innovative, yet cost-effective, powerful and efficient new cleaning products is vital in industrial and institutional applications to keep abreast of the constantly developing cleaning technologies. In addition, the compliance with demanding industry standards and regulations depends largely on high performance products that are able to meet these specific requirements.

We understand that cleaning on an industrial scale has very specific challenges, so our mission is to work with you in order to meet such challenges with our performance enhancing ingredients. Our cleaning applications include: surface care, fabric care, dishwash, air care, vehicle care, polishes, tissue and hygiene, and nonwoven finishes.