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Advancing the efficacy and impact of vaccines

The acquisition of Biosector in 2018 strengthened our pharmaceutical offering, taking us into the field of vaccine adjuvants. Biosector’s highly experienced team enhanced our existing pharmaceutical offering, bringing world-class innovation and industry-leading manufacturing facilities. 

A leading specialist in this field, our adjuvant technologies are now advancing the efficacy and impact of vaccines to target diseases in well-known areas, such as COVID-19 and conjugate pneumococcal vaccines, alongside developments in more difficult areas such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, hepatitis B and tuberculosis. Our adjuvant pipeline includes vaccines for diseases highlighted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as key to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 3 for Good Health and Wellbeing. Advancing our ability to contribute to WHO-listed pipeline vaccines directly contributes to our ambition to become People Positive by 2030.