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Customer driven

We are listening more closely to our customers than ever before; understanding the things that are of most importance to our customers and how we are performing against them.

Sustainability makes strong commercial sense for our customers. As consumers become more educated about the impact of their behaviour on the wider environment, they are looking to make choices in the products that they buy so that they can make a positive contribution to living more sustainably.

Consumer requirements differ country-by country and whilst emerging markets are recovering more slowly from COVID-19, they are increasingly setting new trends. They offer higher growth rates over the medium term, particularly in Asia where China’s personal care market is growing 9% a year.

We tailor our offering to those differing needs by listening to our customers wherever they are. Almost all customers have experienced huge growth in digital sales during the COVID-19 pandemic, accelerating trends we were already seeing in our markets. Digital is a huge disruptor and our digital strategy focuses on R&D and production as well as sales & marketing, helping us bring innovation to market faster and in a more targeted way.