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Investing in mRNA and gene therapy

As the core of our lipid systems capability within the Health Care business, Avanti is primarily focused on developing innovative lipid-based products of unparalleled purity to address specific medical challenges that are not resolved by current technology.

With over 200 lipid-based vaccines and drugs in clinical trials, and a similar number in research, there is a huge opportunity for us to move to the forefront of the biologics delivery market. We have reinforced our market leading position through R&D investment and innovation augmented by significant capital investment since we acquired Avanti in August 2020. This investment expands our GMP manufacturing and quality assessment facilities, increasing production capacity for existing projects and also enhancing our innovation pipeline for new projects. The scale of the opportunity in future mRNA and gene therapy applications is reflected in the market size which has grown rapidly since the onset of COVID-19. We are investing to maintain and enhance our first mover advantage.