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Leveraging expertise in UV filters for Asian markets

There are over three million cases of skin cancer globally each year, responsible for tens of thousands of deaths. Our range of sunscreens meets a clear need and is an important pillar of our sustainability Commitment to be People Positive by 2030. 

Our capability is in mineral inorganic sunscreen filters that are the natural choice, certified by regulators, and are coral safe – a key concern with organic sunscreens that currently dominate the market and can be destructive to coral reefs in the oceans. To meet the needs of consumers in different regions of the world we are adapting our formulations for different skin types, skin tones and consumer preferences. For example, R&D teams across Asia worked collaboratively to optimise our sunscreen ingredients for consumers in the Asian market. Detailed market evaluation identified demand for a sunscreen offering a high level of protection with a translucent-to-transparent finish and no white smearing.

The sensory evaluation and data analysis provided insights that enabled our R&D teams to develop ingredients that have seen high levels of interest from customers across Asian markets..”