Croda France

Croda France opened its offices in 1976 in Paris. Our offices are located near Versailles where we outsource our warehouse to best serve our customers.  In these offices are; commercial, logistics, accounting and administrative teams. 

Our team is very dynamic and we love to support our local charity activities which help serve the local community.

We have been present in Chocques since 1927 and since we acquired the site, heavy investments have taken place in capacity, HSE and capabilities. More recently we have conducted a ground breaking ceremony to mark the construction phase of the plant which will be fully operational in 2017.  The new plant will help Croda further support its European clients in personal care and health care sectors as well as crop care and oil, gas and mining. 

In addition to their high know-how, site employees are known for the legendary “Nord” welcoming and warmth. 

We have excellent and sustainable relationships with our neighbours and as part of our biodiversity programme, we have 50,000 bees with hives on our premises. We are proud of this natural habitat and share the natural honey with our site employees.