We were founded in 1925 at Rawcliffe Bridge in Yorkshire, England by an entrepreneur, Mr Crowe, and chemist Mr Dawe to make lanolin from the refining of wool grease. Today we have a hugely diverse product portfolio selling hundreds of different products to thousands of customers around the world.

Our global headquarters, Cowick Hall, is just a few miles from where it all began at Rawcliffe Bridge, which is one of our four UK manufacturing sites. It has undergone great transformation over recent decades into a modern, highly flexible facility that still specialises in the production of lanolin. 

The site in Hull is one of our largest sites and uses oleochemical technology to provide innovative solutions to our customer using renewable and sustainable feedstocks. An onsite wind turbine also provides a large amount of the facilities energy.

Our Ditton operation is a world leader in the research, development and manufacture of speciality chemicals in UV protection, biotechnology and natural products, namely proteins and carbohydrates. It is also home to our Process Innovation Team.  

The expertise of our Leek site is in the production of speciality lipids, super refined oils and speciality esters largely from fish and vegetable oils. They use cutting edge technology to produce products that meet Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient standards.

In addition to these operations, the UK is home to one of our major distribution centers and our European finance centre. With the total number of employees in the country exceeding 900, it is critical to our ongoing success that our people form good networks, which is aided both locally and globally through multi-site projects, participation in 1% Club activities and out of working hours socialising.