Our innovation is delivered by our people. Through our product portfolio we have access to the broadest range of formulation ingredients and formulation know-how, which allows our customers to get the best performance out of their products, satisfying end-user demands.

We have global multidisciplinary innovation teams, dedicated to a specific market area to give our customers access to the expertise and knowledge that will develop and deliver the products that will deliver against their unmet needs. Our continued commitment to provide scientific data that supports the product benefit claims and not just information on product composition is what sets us apart.

Sustainability is embedded in our product and process innovation, with the 12 principles of green chemistry and renewable raw material feedstocks being at the heart of our developments. Our specialist research and development capabilities in chemical synthesis have recently been complimented by significant investment in biotechnology and this continues to be a growth area. Our Process Innovation Team works with all of our manufacturing sites to ensure that new process technology can be implemented globally.

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