Smart science to improve lives™

Developing and supplying innovative ingredients that benefit customers and consumers around the world

As the name behind some of the world’s most successful brands, we combine our knowledge, passion and entrepreneurial spirit to develop and supply innovative ingredients relied on by industries and consumers around the world. Our Purpose, Smart science to improve lives™, underpins our approach and guides what we do.

We typically sell innovative ingredients to product manufacturers, in the consumer care, agrochemical, or pharmaceutical sectors. Our ingredients provide vital functionality at low inclusion levels, ensuring efficacy or helping to differentiate customers’ products, with consumers benefitting through the application of those products.

The solutions we provide

Consumer Care

We develop innovative and sustainable ingredients that provide vital functionality to consumer care formulations, enabling customers to differentiate their products, build strong brands, meet their sustainability commitments and satisfy changing consumer requirements. For example, we extract wrinkle-reducing actives from plants that are critical ingredients in anti-ageing skin creams.

Consumer Care

We operate across a global footprint with regional manufacturing operations, complemented by local warehousing, sales and innovation centre's. This ensures we are close to customers and can collaborate with them to deliver innovation, while maintaining high service levels.  As of December 2022, all of our locations have approved 2030 decarbonisation roadmaps, as part of our ambition to become Climate Positive.

Our Innovation Centre at global headquarters Cowick Hall

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Our Purpose

Our Purpose, Smart science to improve lives™, remains constant and is embedded throughout our company. It guides how we operate and aligns our efforts to deliver positive impact for stakeholders.

We strive to create an inclusive culture where our people feel able to give their best every day, are respected for who they are an recognised for the contribution they make..


Committed to sustainability

We are committed to becoming the most sustainable supplier of innovative ingredients. We will develop and supply solutions to tackle some of the biggest challenges the world is facing and by 2030 we will be Climate, Land and People Positive.

Our customers use our ingredients to differentiate their own products and to meet sustainability commitments, regulatory requirements and changing consumer demands. Climate change, biodiversity loss, widening inequalities, changing demographics, overexploitation of resources and innovation in digital technologies are transforming consumer demands. Through our customers and their products, our ingredients can improve consumers lives by minimising the negative impacts of consumption and help make positive impacts on planet and society.


Enabling customers to make purchasing decisions aligned to their environmental goals

Beauty case study

Leveraging biotechnology to deliver advanced ingredients with improved sustainability profiles


Helping to prevent and treat life-threatening diseases with our drug delivery systems

Driving innovation

Our Research and Development (R&D) team comprises of more than 450 scientists from a diverse range of specialisms. These talented individuals drive the creation of more effective and sustainable ingredients to address the needs of our customers and consumers.

Our innovation capability comprises not just our own self-funded R&D programmes but also a growing network of innovation partners, including SMEs and academia. Innovation efforts are focused on bringing differentiated solutions to customers and doing so in a way that has a downstream impact and can help customers achieve their sustainability ambitions while ensuring we deliver progress against our own 2030 sustainability targets. 

crop news 

Croda's first product launch focusing on biopesticide market

Croda has launched the new product Atlox™ BS-50, a delivery system which specifically meets the needs of the growing biopesticide market.

With the shift in agriculture towards more sustainable products, biopesticides derived from natural materials are being widely explored as a credible option. The challenge with using agricultural microbes, a class of biopesticides, is developing a suitable formulation system that provides the right environment for a microbe to survive but also maintain the performance requirements that a formulation has (such as no separation or sedimentation in storage).

Atlox BS-50 is a ready-to-use powder delivery system for spore forming microbes. Its simplicity in use means only the addition of the microbe is required to complete the final product, reducing formulation development time. Components of Atlox BS-50 have been carefully optimised by Croda’s scientists to provide the best performance and have undergone viability testing to ensure they are compatible with common microbes, and therefore providing versatility for its use.


Croda introduces new bioprocessing solutions to replace banned materials

Croda has introduced a range of new bioprocessing aids called Virodex™, which provide an answer to the key market need for replacing the popular, but now banned, bioprocessing detergent, Triton™ X-100.

Key changes in REACH regulations have meant that Triton™ X-100, the bioprocessing detergent, can no longer be used in Europe, and globally, manufacturers recognise the need to act now to find suitable replacements.

As it stands today, there are limited suitable and sustainable replacement options, especially those that are cGMP and readily available, creating an urgent need for replacement options. To address this market requirement, Croda’s Pharma business has developed its REACH-compliant Virodex™ products, offering a sustainable and cGMP solution.