Smart science to improve lives™

Focused on impact: delivering more for climate, nature and society

As the name behind some of the world’s most successful brands, we combine our knowledge, passion and entrepreneurial spirit to develop and supply innovative ingredients relied on by industries and consumers around the world. Our Purpose, Smart science to improve lives™, underpins our approach and guides what we do.

We typically sell innovative ingredients to product manufacturers, in the consumer care, agrochemical, or pharmaceutical sectors. Our ingredients provide vital functionality at low inclusion levels, ensuring efficacy or helping to differentiate customers’ products, with consumers benefitting through the application of those products.



Steve Foots

Group Chief Executive

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Chris Good

Chris Good

Non-Executive Director

Sustainability Oversight Committee report


We use smart science to create high performance ingredients and technologies that improve people’s lives. We target long-term, global positive impacts on climate, nature and society. We work with suppliers, customers, their consumers, and other stakeholders across our value chains to ensure sustainability, innovation, quality and resource efficiency are at the forefront of every Croda ingredient, process and relationship.
Our approach to sustainability
“Our Commitment is to be the most sustainable supplier of innovative ingredients, to help tackle some of the biggest challenges the world faces and by 2030 to be, and prove to be, Climate, Land and People Positive.”

Phil Ruxton
Chief Sustainability Officer


The Croda Foundation: providing healthcare and clean drinking water

Key progress in 2023

Scope 1 & 2 emissions(TCO₂e)


(2022: 121,122)

Scope 3 upstream emissions (TCO₂e)


(2022: 918,810)

Land area saved


Hectares (versus 2019 baseline)

Lives sustainably improved by Croda Foundation projects


(since launch in 2021)



(2022: £2,089.3m)

Adjusted profit before tax (PBT)


(2022: £496.1m)

Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR)


(2022: 0.74)

Water use reduction


(versus 2018 baseline)

climate impact

Climate impact

We are working hard to reduce emissions across our value chain.

We are delivering absolute reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in line with our verified 1.5ºC Science Based Target. We have started to provide customers with verified product-level carbon footprints (PCFs) that, together with the avoided emissions in use that our technologies can provide, will help them deliver on their own climate targets.

As we work towards becoming Climate Positive by 2030, our activities will increasingly focus on key areas such as sustainable sourcing, applying innovation to reduce operational emissions, and understanding and responding to the downstream impacts of our products.

Climate impact report

Nature impact

Our Commitment to be Nature Positive has enabled Croda to develop sector-leading understanding of our impacts on nature and we have already commenced the work required to reduce them.

Our long history of using bio-based raw materials means we have a great responsibility to address issues around nature, biodiversity and dependencies on ecosystems. We continue to take action to reduce our impacts on land, water, and other natural resources, promoting a positive restorative approach beyond “doing less harm”.

By 2030 we aspire to contribute to a Nature Positive world.

Land impact report

People impact

Having a positive effect on employees, communities and society.

Our Commitment to become People Positive by 2030 drives our efforts to continuously improve our impacts on employees globally, on workers in our supply chains and on people in the communities where we live and work.

We use Smart science to improve lives, from targeting vaccine solutions for the most challenging diseases to protecting millions of people from damage caused by the sun. Internally, we recognise the value of diversity and are working towards ambitious targets to make a positive difference.

People impact report

Sustainability case studies

Product carbon footprints (PCFs):

Using LCA for innovation in bio-based crop protection ingredients

Helping to treat drug addiction in Brazil

STEM outreach to young people and disadvantaged communities

Speed up reforestation during ecological decline

Accommodation, health and family support services, and training

Limited assurance of climate and diversity KPIs

In 2023 we engaged KPMG to provide us with a limited assurance opinion on our climate and gender diversity KPIs. To see the Limited Assurance Opinion and Reporting Criteria, please click here.