Smart science to improve lives™

Delivering long-term financial and non-financial performance

As the name behind some of the world’s most successful brands, we combine our knowledge, passion and entrepreneurial spirit to develop and supply innovative ingredients relied on by industries and consumers around the world. Our Purpose, Smart science to improve lives, underpins our approach and guides what we do.

We typically sell innovative ingredients to product manufacturers, in the consumer care, agrochemical, or pharmaceutical sectors. Our ingredients provide vital functionality at low inclusion levels, ensuring efficacy or helping to differentiate customers’ products, with consumers benefitting through the application of those products.

The solutions we provide

Consumer Care

We develop innovative and sustainable ingredients that provide vital functionality to consumer care formulations, enabling customers to differentiate their products, build strong brands, meet their sustainability commitments and satisfy changing consumer requirements. For example, we extract wrinkle-reducing actives from plants that are critical ingredients in anti-ageing skin creams.

Consumer Care

Value creation from discovery to supply

Our Purpose

Our Purpose, Smart science to improve lives, remains constant and is embedded throughout our company. It guides how we operate and aligns our efforts to deliver positive impact for stakeholders. 


Governed by our Board

Our Board of Directors oversees both financial and non-financial performance, with robust governance processes in place and regular engagement from the Board on our culture and Purpose. In 2023, the Board created a Sustainability Oversight Committee to guide the sustainability strategy development and execution, providing greater oversight and challenge. 

Delivered through our strategy

Our strategy aims to create value by combining sustainability and innovation. By helping our customers to differentiate their products and meet their own ambitious sustainability goals, we deliver growth in our own business while creating positive impacts for planet and society.  In this sense, our approach to growth supports our Purpose and desire to deliver positive impact.

Reflected in our remuneration

Remuneration policies have included sustainability-related targets alongside financial and innovation-based targets in long-term incentive plans for over four years. In 2022, our annual bonus scheme was revised to include sustainability-related targets. Our Remuneration Policy therefore aligns with our Purpose, incentivising the use of Smart science to improve lives, not just to drive financial performance.

Integrated into our risk and opportunities framework

Risks and opportunities are identified, monitored, and managed both centrally and locally. This approach engages the entire business in considering risks and opportunities that arise from emerging sustainability and societal challenges. Our risk appetite is guided by our Purpose and we are willing to accept more risk where doing so is integral to delivering our Purpose. 

Reasons to invest in Croda

Strong fundamentals

As a purpose-led organisation we collaborate with our customers to create innovative ingredients that deliver meaningful benefits, using Smart science to improve lives. Our culture, innovation model and customer intimacy are the strong foundations on which our business is built.

A purpose-led business delivering positive impact
By developing and supplying ingredients that are included at low inclusion levels but are vital to the functionality and claims of our customers’ products, we can have an outsized positive impact, applying our Smart science to improve lives.

We partner and create value across the full development lifecycle
Direct selling supports customer intimacy, with customer insight informing innovation priorities. We partner with customers, academia and SMEs to develop ingredients that address global challenges and build strong relationships in the process.

Our high-performance and innovation focused culture is unique
As a people-based business our culture is pivotal to our success and our unique values-based culture transcends our global operations.