Smart science to improve lives™

Partnering with leading organisations to develop Smart science to improve lives™

Suppliers and Partners

As the name behind some of the world’s most successful brands, we combine our knowledge, passion and entrepreneurial spirit to develop and supply innovative ingredients relied on by industries and consumers around the world. Our Purpose, Smart science to improve lives, underpins our approach and guides what we do.

We typically sell innovative ingredients to product manufacturers, in the consumer care, agrochemical, or pharmaceutical sectors. Our ingredients provide vital functionality at low inclusion levels, ensuring efficacy or helping to differentiate customers’ products, with consumers benefitting through the application of those products.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose, Smart science to improve lives™, remains constant and is embedded throughout our company. It guides how we operate and aligns our efforts to deliver positive impact for stakeholders.

We strive to create an inclusive culture where our people feel able to give their best every day, are respected for who they are an recognised for the contribution they make..

The solutions we provide

Consumer Care

We develop innovative and sustainable ingredients that provide vital functionality to consumer care formulations, enabling customers to differentiate their products, build strong brands, meet their sustainability commitments and satisfy changing consumer requirements. For example, we extract wrinkle-reducing actives from plants that are critical ingredients in anti-ageing skin creams.

Consumer Care

Value creation from discovery to supply

Partnering for innovation

Our innovation capability comprises not just our own self-funded programmes but also a growing network of innovation partners, including SMEs and academia.

Our partnerships with universities, research organisations and startups significantly contribute to the portfolio of technologies we can deploy to make an impact through our ingredients. Our shared knowledge enables our innovation partners to secure funding, advance science and make breakthroughs, ultimately helping us to grow sales of New and Protected Products as we commercialise this innovation. To date nearly 600 innovation partners have collaborated on over 300 innovation projects.


Enabling sustainable supply chains

We are committed to becoming the most sustainable supplier of innovative ingredients. We will develop and supply solutions to tackle some of the biggest challenges the world is facing and by 2030 we will be Climate, Land and People Positive.

As a significant contributor to our impacts on planet and society, we partner with suppliers to help improve sustainability practices in supply chains and commit to sharing the benefits equitably. Working towards more sustainable sourcing is supported by activities that include supply chain mapping, certification transparency and direct investments, often in collaboration with industry partners to maximise impact.