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2022 Annual Report

The world is facing global challenges that will shape our lives, consumer demands and technology megatrends for generations to come. By applying our Purpose and using Smart science to improve livesTM we can rise to the challenges society faces, capturing new opportunities for growth.


2022 non-financial data pack

2022 non-financial data pack
2022 non-financial data pack
  • Anita Frew, Croda Chair

    Chair's statement

    Dame Anita Frew DBE

  • CEO's statement

    Steve Foots

  • CFO's statement

    Jez Maiden

Our Purpose in action

At Croda, our Purpose is to use Smart science to improve livesTM. We combine our knowledge, passion and entrepreneurial spirit to create, make and sell innovative ingredients that are relied on by industries and consumers around the world. We improve people's lives every day by helping to:

Prevent, treat and potentially cure diseases through the development of drug delivery systems
Enhance crop yields, enable land savings and improve food security through the development of crop care technologies
Improve more lives through the Croda Foundation which is funding 21 projects in 19 countries with 14.9 million beneficiaries
Promote the hygiene, health, wellbeing and confidence of consumers through the creation of Consumer Care ingredients
Preserve the planet’s scarce resources through the delivery of our sustainability Commitment

Meeting global challenges

Of the trends affecting our markets and supply chains, we have identified three key global challenges that our strategy helps to address. Our Commitment to be Climate, Land and People Positive by 2030 is founded on the UN SDGs, ensuring Croda delivers a positive impact.

Living sustainably within our
planetary boundaries
Global demand for health and
Feeding a growing population
and restoring nature 

These are enabled by digitalisation, which is facilitating faster, more connected supply chains. Read more

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Technology trends affecting our markets

In Life Sciences, the 20th century was the era of the small molecule, relatively simple compounds made by chemical synthesis. The 21st century is the era of biologics, much larger molecules manufactured inside animal cells or micro-organisms, that are already transforming medicine and will transform agriculture over the next decade. Find out more

Capturing opportunities

Through the divestment of most of our industrials business, and the acquisitions we have made in recent years, Croda has significantly repositioned to be more closely aligned with the powerful megatrends that are reshaping our markets. We are becoming a pure play company, focused on high value niches in consumer care and life science markets.


Consumer Care

Positively impacting everyday life Developing ingredients which help promote consumers’ wellbeing, confidence and self esteem.


Pioneering the future of Pharma Pioneering the future of health care by focusing on segments with the highest development needs.

Crop Care

Innovating for sustainable agriculture Innovating for sustainable agriculture, helping to address the sustainability challenges of today, and developing new systems for the delivery of the biopesticides of tomorrow.
Find out more

Sector reviews

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Consumer Care

Capturing new opportunities, positively impacting everyday life
Read our Consumer Care sector review
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Life Sciences

Capturing new opportunities, pioneering the future of Pharma and innovating for sustainable agriculture
Read our Life Sciences sector review

Key Performance Indicators

Our key performance indicators are reviewed regularly by the Board and executive leadership to monitor Group performance, and are linked to executive remuneration. Other metrics relevant to the implementation of our strategy, including our sustainability strategy, are also regularly reviewed and tracked.

Non-financial reporting 

Croda 2022 non-financial data pack

Recent highlights

Scope 1 & 2 emissions

-20% against baseline

Land area saved

145,709 hectares


61 million lives through our sun protection

Sustainable sourcing

81% key suppliers engaged