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Acts of kindness continue in local communities

Croda International Plc, who use smart science to create, make and sell speciality chemicals that improve lives, is continuing to support communities around its manufacturing sites through the Acts of Kindness initiative. This sees the company making up to £200,000 available to support local communities. Support is tailored to meet local needs, with the Acts of Kindness taking place across the Croda Group in various forms.

Croda’s manufacturing site in Cikarang, Indonesia, has donated much needed personal protective equipment to local hospitals, as well as making them supplies of hand sanitiser and antibacterial hand soap.

Croda India has been supporting local families impacted by Covid-19 by delivering food baskets, and it has been supporting frontline workers in local hospitals by donating PPE, including face masks and disposable coveralls. Teams at Croda China have been working with local community organisations to identify how best they can support their community. This will include making hand sanitiser and gifting face masks and disposable gloves for distribution to community groups most in need, including care homes.

In North America, teams at Croda’s manufacturing site at Atlas Point, Delaware, have gifted hand sanitiser, toilet paper and paper towels to a community project supplying these much-needed items to families most in need. Supplies of hand sanitiser and face masks have also been provided to local emergency medical treatment staff (EMTs) as well as to a local food bank, enabling them to continue their much-needed work.

The company is continuing to share its smart science throughout the pandemic and is working with several research institutions developing vaccinations for the virus, as well as gifting vaccine adjuvants to these projects. The company has also gifted excipients to projects working on trial medication for Covid-19. Employee health and wellbeing has been a focus for the company in these difficult times, as part of this they have assured all employees that there are currently no plans to reduce employee numbers or regular salary and benefits as a result of Covid-19.

Croda’s ingredients are used in thousands of vital end products, including sanitisers and disinfectants, medicines, medical equipment, protective medical products, facemasks and items used in the making of Covid-19 testing kits