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Collaborative Research

Croda is pleased to announce a collaborative research project with Liverpool University and Scanwel Ltd to look at new ways to optimise their antimicrobial technology, MyCroFence™.

Focusing on Croda’s MyCroFence technology, which prevents algal, fungal and bacterial growth on the surface of paint, the project will look at how this new anti-bio-film technology can be applied across a range of applications, potentially including medical devices and anti-fouling of ships. The £700,000 project, which is funded by Innovate UK and will take place at the Open Innovation Hub for Antimicrobial Surfaces at Liverpool University, will draw upon the University’s expertise in advanced surface characterisation, as well as utilising analytical equipment from Scanwell.

Novel technologies such as MyCroFence, which help prevent bacteria multiplying on surfaces, are becoming increasingly sought after by consumers, especially in hospital and school settings. Millions of patients worldwide are affected annually by healthcare-associated infection, impacting up to 80,000 patients in European Hospitals on any given day1. Anti-microbial coatings applied to medical devices or surfaces in healthcare environments can help reduce these infections and the associated economic costs.

Erwin Honcoop, Research and Technology Specialist at Croda, said: “Croda is excited to get more in-depth knowledge on bacterial interaction with this newly developed antimicrobial technology and the surfaces it is applied upon.

“The expertise of the University on advanced surface characterisation and new analytical equipment of Scanwel form a good combination to tackle the challenges.”

Professor Rasmita Raval, Director of the Open Innovation Hub for Antimicrobial Surfaces and the University’s Surface Science Research Centre, said:  “We are very happy to welcome Croda to the Open Innovation Hub for Antimicrobial Surfaces. We continue to build a vibrant network of companies and researchers developing new technologies, products and IP contributing to the battle against damaging biofilms in industry and healthcare applications”.