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Croda and INUTEQ

Phase change material manufacturer and personal cooling specialist collaborate in the EMEA and Asia regions for the marketing of phase change material technologies in cooling apparel.

Croda International Plc, the name behind high performance ingredients and INUTEQ®, an innovative personal cooling apparel manufacturer have agreed to collaborate to promote awareness of specialist personal cooling products using CrodaTherm™ Phase Change Materials (PCMs) in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.  

PCMs are materials that absorb and release heat energy thousands of times without change in performance and INUTEQ’s PAC® range of cooling vests and other products utilise the heat capacity of CrodaTherm PCMs to keep the wearer cool and safe. Cooling vests are ideal for environments where high temperatures may limit performance or have safety implications. They can also be used for sports, workplace or medical applications, for humans and for animals.  

Graeme Tweddle, Croda Energy Technologies Global Managing Director said “we are very pleased to reinforce our established relationship with Inuteq in this fast growing technology area”.   

Croda specialises in bio-based chemistries and CrodaTherm bio-based PCMs power INUTEQ’s PAC range of cooling vests, utilising CrodaTherm 15, CrodaTherm 21 and CrodaTherm 29. Unlike alternative paraffinic chemistries that are sourced from crude oil, CrodaTherm materials are plant-based and highly sustainable. These products have earned the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label and have 100% bio-based content 

Ir. Ron Verweij, CEO from Inuteq said, “Like INUTEQ, Croda is an innovative technology company and we are pleased to work with a European manufacturer of bio-based phase change materials. Our customers value a sustainable, non-hazardous, high performance cooling technology and Croda provides exactly what we need”.