Smart science to improve lives™

Croda announces major milestone in its digital enhancement journey

14 Dec 2021

Croda International Plc, which uses smart science to create, make and sell speciality chemicals, is today celebrating the continuation of its digital customer enhancement journey with the launch of its new corporate website,

2020 saw Croda embark on a programme to improve the customer journey across our websites, making them more interactive and responsive, starting with the launch of its Smart Materials site. Since then, the company has relaunched all its sector websites and launched sites specifically aimed at the Chinese market, These new sites make the company’s smart science easier to access and offer customers an enhanced user experience, positioning Croda well to meet the growing digital demands of its customers across the world.

The company’s new corporate site has become a hub to articulate and demonstrate the company’s Purpose, Smart science to improve lives™. It includes a video of Steve Foots, Chief Executive Officer, explaining why being Purpose-led is so important to him. Amongst other functionality, the new site also sees improved layout, with clearer signposting to our Sector website for customers and bringing highly-valued content to the fore for the investor community. 

2021 has been an exciting year in Croda’s digital journey. In addition to the launch of new sector and corporate websites, earlier this year the company announced the foundation for its research and development (R&D) digital programme which will deliver enhanced data science capability across the company’s global R&D knowledge base. The programme will accelerate Croda’s innovation delivery by moving towards data mining and providing a foundation for artificial intelligence and machine learning to shorten product development lifecycles. 

Laura Reilly, VP of Digital at Croda, said: “Launching our new corporate website is the 
culmination of an exciting two years at Croda as we have expanded and enhanced our digital capabilities to offer even more to our customers. Our digital transformation programme recognises that digital touches every part of our business – from R&D to operations and sales and marketing. We are excited by the opportunities it is providing us to improve our customer experience by ensuring that we are both well connected with our customers and easy to do business with.”

David Bishop, Director Investor Relations and Corporate affairs added: “Relaunching provides a hub for all our stakeholders to see our Purpose in action. It also demonstrates how our strategy of harnessing sustainability and innovation drives growth across our business.”