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Croda celebrates milestone in digital transformation

Croda International Plc, which uses smart science to create, make and sell speciality chemicals, is celebrating a significant milestone in its digital customer enhancement journey with the launch of its Smart Materials website.

Recognising the growing importance and value to customers of both its sector and corporate websites, Croda has embarked on a programme to make its smart science easier to access, resulting in the development of more interactive and responsive websites. With the company now offering an enhanced user experience, it is well positioned to meet the growing digital needs of its customers. 

The first of Croda’s websites to be launched is its Smart Materials site. Here, all the ingredients offered by Croda’s Advanced Materials, Coatings & Polymers and Polymer Additives websites have been brought together. It offers customers the ingredients and technologies to design smarter solutions and effects for key and high-tech fast changing markets including adhesives, automotive, display technologies, injection molding, engineering plastics and film production, all in one place.

To ensure the best user experience and functionality when launched, all of Croda’s new websites will be designed with the help of the company’s customers and prospects from around the world. Enhancements include a simplified multi-filter product finder to allow user-friendly comparison and selection of the company’s wide range of bio-based and sustainable ingredients. Ensuring that technical information, ingredient effects and suitable application areas are at the customers’ fingertips with the intuitive search functionality has also been a key aspect of the site design. A global Live Chat feature offers direct contact with experts to answer any further questions users of the sites may have.

Laura Reilly, Director of Digital at Croda, said: “The launch of this first website is a significant milestone in the enhancement of the digital experience for our customers. I am hugely excited by the new functionality and user journey we will be able to offer our Smart Materials customers, and I’m looking forward to being able to offer this improved customer experience to customers from our other sectors, and those who use our corporate website during 2021.”