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Croda develops young minds of tomorrow during COP26

1 Nov 2021

Croda International Plc, which uses smart science to create, make and sell speciality chemicals that improve lives, has announced the launch of new sustainability focused STEM materials for local schools.

With an already well-established STEM programme, Croda has launched a new sustainability focused lesson that it will be taking into local primary schools. The new lesson, developed specifically to support the messaging of COP26 and the importance of helping reduce carbon emissions, helps guide children in understanding what climate change is, why it is important, and encourages them to discuss how they can make a difference. 

The new material, which will be delivered by Croda’s STEM ambassadors, will be available to all primary schools local to the company, with online resources also available to support schools wishing to discuss this important topic themselves. 

Croda has actively been supporting STEM initiatives for years; this established programme sees teams across the Croda world talking to children from primary school right through to colleges about the important role science plays in everyday life. STEM forms an important part of the company’s focus on ‘improving lives’ and is part of Croda’s ambition to become People Positive by 2030. 

Anna Higley, UK STEM Lead at Croda said: “It is so important to inspire the next generation, not only to help them understand the important role science, engineering and maths play in everyday life, but to help them understand the actions individuals and companies like Croda need to take to preserve our planet, not just for them, but for generations to come.

“Whilst the world is focused on the importance of coming together for COP26, it is the perfect time to help children understand why it is important. As global leaders discuss how they can make a difference, it is great to start discussions in the classroom about the difference individuals and companies can also make.”