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Croda Supports Hand Sanitiser Manufacture and Vaccine Development During Covid19 Outbreak

Croda International Plc, who use smart science to create, make and sell speciality chemicals that improve lives, are supporting the manufacturer of hand sanitiser during the outbreak of Covid-19 through the supply of additional glycerine to their customers in Western Europe, free of charge.

The outbreak of Covid-19 has seen a global shortage in items such as hand sanitisers, and to help their customers supply essential items during the pandemic, to date, Croda has gifted enough glycerine to manufacture five million* bottles of hand sanitiser. The company plans to review with customers where more glycerine could be gifted. The glycerine in hand sanitiser helps to protect hands from the drying effects of other ingredients, such as alcohol.

Croda’s leading saponin vaccine adjuvants are also being gifted to projects across the world that are working on a vaccination for Covid-19. Whilst not confirmed that they will be in a final vaccine, the company’s smart science has a valuable role to play in the development of an effective and safe vaccine for Covid-19.

Croda’s ingredients are used in thousands of end products, including items like sanitisers, medicines, medical equipment and face masks. In addition to the top priorities of the health and wellbeing of employees and keeping manufacturing sites safe, Croda have plans in place to ensure the continuity of operations and associated supply chains to make sure other vital items during the pandemic can continue to be produced.

Tom Brophy, MD Western Europe, Croda said: “The health and wellbeing of our employees is our priority during the outbreak of Covid-19. In addition to supporting our employees, we are pleased to be able to show our Purpose, Smart Science to Improve Lives™ in action, by supporting our customers in keeping communities around the world safe with the additional manufacture of much needed hand sanitisers at this time.

“As part of our commitment to become People Positive we use our smart science to improve health and wellbeing. That we are able to help in the development of a vaccination for Covid-19 shows why becoming People Positive is so important.”

* Five million bottles assume 250ml bottles and a 2% glycerine content