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CrodaTherm helps COVID 19 ICU nurses in the United States

donation of cooling vests to Christiana Care Hospital in Newark, Delaware

Croda International Plc, which uses smart science to create, make and sell speciality chemicals that improve lives, is pleased to announce a donation of cooling vests containing its CrodaTherm™ technology to Christiana Care Hospital in Newark, Delaware. This technology is proven to be effective in reducing the perception of heat strain by nurses caring for COVID-19 patients.

The company hopes that this donation will help make care professionals more comfortable when they are wearing multiple layers of PPE while treating patients with COVID-19. Late in 2020, during live studies at Radboud University Medical Centre (RUMC), these cooling vests, which contain Croda’s CrodaTherm phase change materials, were found to significantly reduce nurses’ perception of heat strain making them more comfortable during shifts.

Charis Barnett, Site Director at Croda Atlas Point, located in Delaware said: “It was a pleasure to meet one of the employees from Christiana Care Hospital who is helping to provide excellent care to COVID patients in our area. With extensive protective covering requirements needed over their uniforms, it is easy for those treating COVID-19 patients to become overheated. It is a privilege to be able to help make them more comfortable during their work by donating these cooling vests and I am proud that Croda’s smart science can be used to improve the lives of these dedicated professionals.”