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EFfCI Certification Achieved for All Major Cosmetic Ingredient Manufacturing Sites Globally

Croda is delighted to announce its Chanac, France manufacturing site is the latest to achieve certification to the EFfCI’s (European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients) GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). This brings the number of Croda certified sites up to 14 and includes all major manufacturing sites globally for the cosmetic industry.

Adhering to these standards guarantees a rigorous approach to quality assurance, throughout the manufacturing and distribution processes by implementing best practices. This means that customers can be assured of consistent quality and safety.

Although the GMP standard was originally intended for use in Europe, the reputation and acceptance of EFfCI certification amongst multinational cosmetic companies has led to its international adoption by suppliers. Croda’s certified sites are located in Europe, Latin America, Asia and North America.

EFfCI represents the collective interest of the European chemical and natural ingredient suppliers to the cosmetic industry. The Good Manufacturing Practice Guide was originally developed in 2005 to satisfy the demand for a definition of GMP for cosmetic ingredients that would match and compliment the GMPs required for cosmetics in Cosmetic Regulation. EFfCI adapted the widely accepted GMPs that existed for similar ingredients that are supplied to the pharmaceutical industry. 

The original 2005 guide has been continually improved and updated with the implementation of the Certification Scheme in 2008, alignment with ISO 9001:2008 in 2010 and latterly collaboration with the French Cosmetic Association FEBEA, which brought the cosmetic ingredient users’ needs fully into the standard.

Iain Moore, Head of Global Quality Assurance at Croda, has been involved with the development of the Good Manufacturing Guide since it was first issued in 2005. In speaking of the Certifications Dr. Moore, stated “These certifications publically reaffirm Croda’s commitment to quality and providing safe ingredients for the personal care market. Croda’s long history of innovation in the sector includes support of evolving standards; this is all an important part of the Croda offering.”

Croda is delighted to be leading the industry in having all its major cosmetic ingredient manufacturing sites globally, certified to these best practices.
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