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New CRODAROM technology

After having been, for more than 20 years, the experts in microwave extraction, a green process approved by COSMOS, CRODAROM has now invested in a new technology: ultrasound.

This eco-friendly technology, also approved by COSMOS, is a well-known technique that has demonstrated its effectiveness in several areas, like medicine, and is now full of promise for the cosmetic market.The Eco-sound® extraction is an extraction assisted by ultrasound based on the principle of sonoporation (ultrasound-mediated cell membrane permeability). It is a mechanical weakening of the cell membrane that induces pore formation. Ultrasonic waves create cavitation bubbles formed near vegetable membranes that swell throughout compression / dilatation cycles to reach a critical size and implode. This implosion produces liquid micro-jets transporting gas and heat that generates high shear forces able to perforate cell membranes. Plant cells disintegrate and their metabolites are released in the solvent.Besides the advantage of this technology, which makes it possible to obtain high quality extracts rich in active ingredients and highly appreciated for extracting molecules that are sensitive to heat (as the process is done at room temperature), this technology has also a strong environmental benefits since its consumption of energy is low resulting in low CO2 emissions.Convinced by its high performance and its economical and ecological advantages, Crodarom has introduced this Eco-sound™ technology through its new range « Les Délices » last April at In-cosmetics, and has recently launched a new performance product, Phytessence™ Peach Flower based on this new technology to prove the interest of this technology for active ingredients.