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Sederma recognised with Green Award at in cosmetics

Sederma, who create, make and sell speciality chemicals as part of the Croda Group, has just been awarded with the Silver Green Award 2016 at this year’s in-cosmetics show for its product Majestem™, an active ingredient obtained by the elicited plant cell culture of Leontopodium alpinum, better known as Edelweiss, through an exclusive technology developed inhouse.

Majestem™ is a sustainable and high tech ingredient that delivers visible lifting of the skin on the neck and face to combat sagging caused by sun exposure and air pollution.

“This award is a fantastic recognition of the joint efforts of IRB*, Sederma and Croda, not just in term of product development, but also because sustainability is embedded in our strategic thinking” said Olga Gracioso, Sederma Marketing Director who received the prize.

As part of Croda’s approach to providing innovation for its Personal Care customers, integrated teams gather consumer insight and research consumer perception to deliver products and performance data that is perceivable and relevant to consumers.  Renovation and expansion of the site’s in-house testing salon allows the company to accelerate  the generation of important consumer data to corroborate laboratory-generated performance claims for new innovative hair care ingredients.

This award strengthens Croda’s sustainability credentials as Majestem™ scores 12 against the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry and also meets an additional core measurement criteria set by the Group that highlights ingredients that have social and environmental benefits in use by the end consumer.

Gracioso adds: “The know-how developed at IRB by Sederma unlocks nature to power cosmetics of the future Another good example of this in action is a new product launched at in-cosmetics called Citystem™, an active ingredient of the IRB by Sederma that was designed to fight against pollution damage to the skin”.

*Editor note: In 2012 Croda acquired IRB which is now fully integrated to Sederma under the name IRB by Sederma.