As the world’s population continues to grow, the amount of land available for food production is reducing. Consequently farmers are under increasing pressure to achieve higher yields from their land, while ensuring that crop quality and consistency is maintained to help meet global demands for food. To meet these growing demands we have various technologies that enhance agrochemical products, making them more effective, reliable and consistent.

Crop Protection Additives & Adjuvants

The agrochemical industry focuses its efforts on developing active ingredients specifically designed to help farmers prevent weeds, fungi, pests and other sources destroying their crops. Such active ingredients are not suitable for use in their raw state. Instead, they must be formulated with specialist additives and adjuvants that we provide to improve active delivery and performance.  With our formulation expertise, products containing our ingredients are more effective, safer, and more complex. Our ingredients cover a range of areas including:

  • Traditional pesticides
  • Biopesticides
  • Seed treatments
  • Micronutrients and fertilisers
  • Soil health

Seed Enhancement

A way of improving crop yields is to enhance the quality of the seed that is being planted. This can be done by protecting and stimulating them during early development to ensure optimum emergence and give the crop the best chance of reaching its full genetic yield potential.  Processes such as seed priming, upgrading, disinfection, pelleting, encrusting and film coating can do just that, as well as application of crop protection products and nutrients directly to the seed prior to planting. This direct seed application is a sustainable way of delivering protection and nutrition as it considerably reduces the amount of substance needed. 

Chemical Biostimulants

Chemical biostimulants are a relatively new category of agricultural input that can help growers to sustainably and cost-effectively meet accelerating consumer demand for their crops. Plant Impact, a technology acquisition forming part of our agricultural offering, develop biostimulants that use novel synthetic and defined small molecule chemistry (and combinations of both) to stimulate and/or mitigate natural plant responses.  This can help crops to direct more of their resources to creating yield, even in high-stress conditions such as drought, heat and climate variability. Sometimes called ‘crop enhancement’ products, these are typically available as foliar sprays or seed coatings and they are compatible with other farming inputs for example fertilisers, pesticides and modern seed varieties.

Speciality Additives for Agricultural Films 

Agricultural films such as polytunnels and greenhouse coverings are used to provide a higher humidity and to protect crops from intense focused heat, harsh sunlight and strong winds. We provide anti-fog additives that allow condensed water droplets to spread into a thin continuous layer of water over these films, which in turn improves sunlight transmission. This results in an enhancement in crop protection and encourages higher plant growth rates and higher crop yields.

Animal Health

The veterinary market develops medicine specifically to treat illnesses and disease in livestock and pets. With our formulation expertise, Croda’s wide range of specialty ingredients are used to enhance the delivery, efficacy and stability of drug actives in many types of livestock, equine and poultry health products as well as those for companion animals. Croda provides solutions to some of the key challenges of the commercial livestock industry today, treating and preventing disease infections and parasites.