The automotive and transport industry is constantly looking for new and exciting innovations to help meet the demanding needs of critical consumers with a growing environmental awareness. We create speciality chemicals that provide you with durable and high performance solutions. Take a look at the innovative selection we have to offer.

Lubricant additives

We offer a range of speciality lubricant base oils and additives delivering superior performance for passenger cars, trucks, buses, off road vehicles, motorcycles, railway and marine applications. Utilising multiple technology platforms our range of ingredients help to; improve fuel economy, reduce emissions, extend oil drain intervals and improve component durability. Applications on our Lubricants website include: fuel additives, engine oils, driveline and transmission oils, including environmentally acceptable lubricants. 

Solutions for sustainable adhesives, plastics and coatings

The use of plastics in the automotive industry is becoming increasingly popular due to the desire for light-weight vehicles. We have identified a range of products suitable for this challenging market, providing the following effects; mold release, anti-scratch, anti-static, UV protection and composite lubrication. Applications on our Smart Materials site include; interior and exterior parts and under-the-bonnet components.  

Our smart solutions for light-weight and stronger, longer lasting materials enhance the performance of adhesives, coatings, engineering plastics and foams in all kinds of vehicles. They deliver effects such as enhanced durability, product life time extension, improved versatile and inter layer adhesion, better scratch resistance and production cycle time improvement. 

Phase change materials

CrodaTherm™ bio-based phase change materials are ideal for automotive applications that require thermal management or control. Applications include HVAC systems, electronic and mechanical components, as well as traction batteries in electric and hybrid vehicles.

Vehicle cleaning

We offer a variety of speciality ingredients to give excellent cleaning and finishing of external and internal vehicle surfaces, with a huge range of environmentally friendly ingredients within the portfolio. Additives include surfactants and degreasers for effective removal of road soils, synthetic waxes to ensure long lasting shine and low foaming surfactants with superior wetting to control foam where needed.

Batteries and catalysts

We utilise our deep expertise in surfactants and dispersancy to develop speciality additives for niche application areas in the battery and catalyst industries.  Our technology developments provide improved operational performance and product longevity, plus important production efficiency benefits. Continued collaboration in this fast moving and innovative market space will remain at the centre of our innovation approach.

Textiles and fibres

We have a wealth of experience in the formulation and supply of specialist ingredients for both the production and manufacture of fibres and products to improve the feel of finished textiles. Applications include carpet backings and nonwovens, and restoration and cleaning of leather, fabric and plastic.