We are a global speciality ingredient supplier to the Beauty and Personal Care industry, dedicated to working with our customers to meet evolving consumer needs, whilst maintaining our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility through initiatives that include the use of certified sustainable palm oil and other renewable raw materials.

We have a diverse cosmetic product range that delivers innovative solutions for current and future cosmetic trends, all supported by proven efficacy testing.  Over the last decade, our skin, sun and hair care technologists have opened up new vistas for manufacturers with the creation of unique and patented technologies designed to answer current and future Cosmetic trends.  A mix of natural raw material sourcing combined with creative chemistry enables us to offer exceptional solutions to the challenges facing our customers. 

Beyond cosmetic ingredients, we are experts in formulation development, claims substantiation, market analysis and regulatory support, providing customers with immediate access to all the essential services for successful beauty and personal care product development and implementation. Our Beauty and Personal Care business offers a wide and diverse product portfolio including a full line of natural, botanical ingredients from our Crodarom division and a full range of skin and hair care actives from our Sederma division. Our applications include: skin care (including moisturisation, anti-ageing, rheology, wrinkle reduction, skin firming, protection from free radicals, sebum regulation and a host of other benefits), hair care (including protection, repair, colourants, perms and relaxers) sun care, self-tanning, colour cosmetics, body care, bath and shower, deodorants, anti-perspirants, depilatories, men's grooming, oral hygiene and baby care.