Phase change materials

Many industrial and consumer electronic devices only run at peak power output for a short period of time every day. Cooling systems must be sized for this peak heat output, increasing costs and complexity. Using CrodaTherm™ bio-based phase change materials (PCM's) allows cooling systems to be sized for average, rather than peak heat loads. Phase change materials melt to absorb heat and release it during idle or low power periods. 

Battery dispersants 

Our lithium-ion battery dispersants are used in various stages of the battery manufacturing process to optimise the viscosity of processing slurries, making it easier to handle, speed up processing time and to increase the distribution of conductive carbon in electrodes. 

Smart Materials

We add value to various electronic materials used in cutting edge electronic devices, improving processing efficiency and product performance. In an era of universal electronic devices which are expected to be more efficient, more durable, bendable, and smaller than ever, these advantages are becoming more crucial.