We are committed to providing solutions towards the increasing demand for energy resources. Whether it is oilfield, mining or refinery additives we work with our customers to provide sustainable solutions to challenges encountered.

Oilfield additives

From production through to refinery we offer a diverse range of chemistries for many different applications within the oil and gas industry. Our portfolio includes crude oil demulsifiers specifically designed to perform in heavy oil and low temperature applications within production, and asphaltene dispersants and paraffin inhibitors as solutions for flow assurance.

Mining solutions

Focusing on the production of high performance emulsifiers used in the manufacture of emulsion explosives for both bulk and cartridge systems, we work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and create tailor-made solutions to meet exact industry requirements. We also manufactures a range of speciality ingredients designed to optimise the efficiency of mineral processing operations, specifically flotation.

Fuel and power generation additives

Our speciality products are recognised as adding value, imparting demonstrable effects and reducing environmental impact. With global technical centres we are always at the leading edge of new technology and our range of ingredients in this area help to; improve fuel economy, reduce emissions, extend drain intervals and improve energy efficiency.

Polymer additives

We offer a wide range of additives suitable to enhance biopolymer processing and end-product performance. Incorporating one of our speciality additives will give you the edge that you need to stand out amongst the rapidly growing biopolymer market. We also have a specific range of bio-based additives to meet additional environmentally-friendly requests.

Batteries and catalysts

We utilise our deep expertise in surfactants and dispersancy to develop speciality additives for niche application areas in the battery and catalyst industries.  Our technology developments provide improved operational performance and product longevity, plus important production efficiency benefits. Continued collaboration in this fast moving and innovative market space will remain at the centre of our innovation approach.

Hot and cold energy storage and recovery

Phase change materials (PCMs) can be used for the compact storage of thermal energy for later use, often as part of renewable heating or cooling systems. CrodaTherm™ bio-based PCMs are ideal for these applications because they absorb and release significant amounts of thermal energy within a narrow temperature range.