We believe our innovation drives our products’ success through listening and adhering to our customer needs. Our products are incorporated into a wide range of applications including those in the packaging, print and paper industries. 

We focus on delivering the best ingredients to enhance your products' quality in markets we understand. 

Our polymer additives offer a myriad of speciality products to the plastic packaging and printing industries worldwide. From anti-fog and anti-static additives to emulsifiers, dispersants and plasticisers, we have additives suitable for an extensive range of applications.

Industrial Chemicals

Our wide range of natural and renewable raw materials provides a sound basis for the development of safe and sustainable solutions for the paper industry that are used in various stages of the paper-making process, and also in the inks and coatings that are subsequently added.

Our product range includes; ingredients for the production of wax sizes and coatings, paper recycling chemicals and components for formulated products, such as defoamers, bleaches, detergents, water treatment chemicals and many other paper industrial chemicals.