The pharmaceutical industry continues to be challenged with successful new drug development as the global pharmaceutical market and the discovery of new drug entities grow increasingly more complex.  To address these complexities, we have developed a wide array of functional excipients to optimise the incorporation of sensitive and challenging active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) into various drug forms.

Our Super Refined™ range of high purity excipients have been created to address various challenges,  offering value to the drug development phase as well as adding value to the end drug product.  These values and benefits include the stability improvement of the API, increased bioavailability, improved taste profiles, enhanced drug delivery, improved gelatin capsule stability to name but a few.  Ultimately, these benefits will decrease your time to market and optimise the success of your overall drug formulation. 

We have customised high purity solutions to help customers address their challenges and we place the highest attention to providing the highest level of quality for not just our ingredients but for regulatory support, and customer service.  An example of this is our recent achievement of global EXCiPACT accreditation across our excipient production facilities.  The multi-site accreditation acknowledges that our pharmaceutical excipients are manufactured according to the EXCiPACT Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification Standard.

With our range of high quality and high purity excipients as well as our technical expertise, we can partner with you to contribute to a healthier world across all pharmaceutical products; from cancer drugs to children’s medicines, pain relief remedies to hormone treatments.