Hygiene nonwovens 

Our in-depth technical knowledge of fibre finish chemistry and surface science has led to the development of a number of innovative hydrophilic finishes for the nonwovens market. Combining durability, hydrophilicity, antistatic properties, friction reduction and a range of other benefits, we offer products to truly meet the demanding needs of the nonwovens market.

We have a history of success with our Cirrasol™ range of fibre finishes and due to continuous innovation in this field, they are ideally placed to help you tackle the evolving demands of the modern consumer through a diverse product range. 

Botanical extracts

Our extensive background in Personal Care ingredients allows us to draw from a rich selection of skin care products suitable for hygiene applications. One example is our robust portfolio of botanical extracts. The Crodarom line of extracts is responsibly sourced from around the world and can bring added value and marketing claims to nonwoven products. We offer the flexibility of supplying these botanical extracts separately or as part of the nonwoven finish. 


We also offer a range of balms and lotions to provide soothing and moisturising properties to tissues, in order to satisfy consumer needs for products that are kinder to the skin. Our background in personal care chemistry means we are ideally placed to offer skin care products for tissue applications.  

Industrial nonwovens

We have significant experience in the development of novel products for industrial nonwovens in applications such as filtration, medical dressings and wipes. We offer products including lubricants, emulsifiers, antistatics, dispersants, handling agents, cohesive agents, anti and defoaming agents.

Textile auxiliaries 

We offer a range of solutions across the several different steps of textile processing through preparation, colouration & dyeing, finishing, and washing off & after-treatment. We have complete solutions for improving productivity, consistency and aesthetics in wet processing of various substrates including cotton, regenerated cellulose, polyester, polyamide and spandex.