The water industry is constantly looking for new and exciting innovations to help meet the changing needs of water usage on our planet. We aim to provide speciality additives to offer high performance solutions in a range of application areas, including; 

  • Flocculant manufacture for municipal and industrial water treatment
  • Friction reducers in hydraulic fracturing fluid
  • Rheology modifiers for offshore drilling and stimulation
  • Retention aids for paper and pulp processing

With innovation at the heart of what we do Croda is uniquely positioned through our expertise in surfactants to offer tailored solutions to customers operating in the water markets. Providing solutions such as:
Primary and secondary emulsifiers - expertise to deliver innovative surfactants for use in the development and manufacture of water-soluble polymers (WSP).
Polymeric stabilisers – tailored, specialised surfactants to improve emulsion stability and give smaller more consistent particle size under high sheer and high temperature conditions. 
NPE free inverters - offering fast and complete inversion. Our range provides alternative chemistries to the traditionally used alkyl phenol ethoxylates to allow for high efficiency inversion and to overcome challenging conditions. 
Separation aids - used in chemical extraction processes around the world and offer higher yields and improved oil quality.