We constantly safeguard our employees, our customers, our supply chain and our communities by ensuring that we are compliant with policy and regulation requirements across the markets and countries in which we operate. To embrace the challenges of a changing environment, increasing populations and decreasing resources, policy and regulation are becoming more demanding at national, international and industry level.

Responsibility for the proactive and reactive response to policy and regulation sits across all levels of the business. Group HR operate a global database of policies that are updated on a regular basis relevant to our employees, and our Group legal, PSRA and SHE teams work to ensure that we are abreast of all policies and regulations relevant to our products, processes and operations.

Group policies are set centrally and must be applied in all countries in which we operate. Group policies will, as a minimum, comply with the highest legislative requirement in any country in which we operate. It is the responsibility of our regional boards to ensure that group policies are communicated and that there are procedures in place to ensure compliance. Any employee whose actions constitute a breach of any policy, procedure or guideline may be liable to disciplinary action. All policies are freely available on our company intranet and include our:

       Code of Conduct

•        Code of Ethics

•        Fraud Policy

•        Whistle Blowing Policy and Procedure

•        Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

In addition to group policies, we have regional and country specific policies and procedures to reflect the employment legislation and practices in that location.

Our nine applicable policies are consistent with the spirit and intent of the ILO declaration. These are accessible to all employees and are published on our company intranet.