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Abiotic stress mitigation in onions

Changing climates mean higher temperatures, periods of drought and higher salinity are becoming an increasing problem for farmers. 

To mitigate the impact of these abiotic stresses on certain crops, our seed enhancement business, Incotec, developed a microplasticfree, bio-based and fully degradable new seed treatment. Trials demonstrated improved germination under stress conditions, and up to 10% increase in crop yield has been realised, shown through customer field trials of bunching onions in Mexico.

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Life cycle assesment

Supporting our customers to realise the benefits of LCA meant that in 2022 we began developing our LCA Centre of Excellence, supporting sectors in examining the risks and benefits of their portfolios....

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Delivering sustainability at Croda

Sustainability-linked revolving credit facility

In 2019, we became one of the UK’s first large public companies to include a sustainability metric in a revolving credit facility (RCF), with targets in the seven-year agreement aligned with our 2030...

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