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Collaboration to develop alternative vaccine adjuvants

In 2021 we established a strategic collaboration with the Danish Government’s life science research institute, Statens Serum Institute (SSI).

This collaboration will enable accelerated trials of alternatives to traditional aluminium-based adjuvants, providing new opportunities for the development of vaccines for diseases where effective vaccines do not currently exist, as well as more effective vaccines for a range of diseases. The collaboration encompasses manufacturing and commercialisation of two novel adjuvants, both of which are in clinical development. Studies show that both adjuvants induce strong immune responses, with one inducing both antibody and T-cell response and the other, which is already in use within cancer immunotherapy trials, facilitating production of CD8 + and T cells. This agreement, along with the significant investment at manufacturing sites in the USA and UK made in 2021, will increase our capability and capacity to support World Health Organisation (WHO) pipeline vaccine development in the future. This takes us one step closer to achieving our ambition of supporting the successful development and commercialisation of at least 25% of WHO listed priority pipeline vaccines.