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CroBioticTM 100

Surveys indicate that malodour of garments is one of the biggest reasons that consumers choose to wash them. 

Household and Industrial Cleaning Additives
Reducing or eliminating the malodour means consumers can wash clothes less frequently, therefore reducing energy usage/carbon emissions and water consumption. Our next generation cleaning ingredient CroBioticTM 100 is an optimised powder blend of bacterial strains in spore form. It offers an innovative and effective long-term approach to odour control and hard surface cleaning: a more sustainable solution to cleaning both in transportation and product application. The product is used in spray formulations, diluted with water and sprayed onto clothes to reduce malodour. It has been shown to reduce the odour from sources including pets, sweat and food and studies have demonstrated savings of 86 kgCO2e and 18,600 L water per kg of product used.

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ASD Kaleka Mosaik Initiative Impact Fund

We are contributing to the first Impact Fund of ASD, developed in partnership with Tides Foundation.

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Croda India offices.

Improving performance by humanising safety

Involvement and engagement have increased, and longstanding infrastructure and operational issues are being addressed following a pilot Human Performance Programme at our site in Thane, India.

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