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SymiroTM biostimulant

In another example of industry-wide collaboration to help tackle the climate emergency, the Flue2Chem Innovate UK project aims to demonstrate that a UK supply chain to produce alkoxylated surfacants from CO2 is economically and technically feasible.

Plant leaves

In response to this, our biostimulant specialists, Plant Impact, launched Symiro™. A seed applied technology, Symiro™ has been shown to promote crop growth and yields in soybean. As a vital source of food, protein and oils, improving the yield of soybean in the Latin American region eases pressure on food production and provides economic benefit to farming communities. InSync Plus, our Symiro™ containing formulation, has been proven to increase soybean yields in Brazil by an average of 5.6%.

Case studies


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Sustainability-linked revolving credit facility

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