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Our local Delaware community

Croda’s Atlas Point site manufactures between 300 and 400 ingredients each year, which go into a variety of consumer and industrial products. These products range from cosmetics to plastics to paints and stains for your home. Atlas Point is also home to the Griffin Centre, an innovation lab run by our Research and Development team.

More than 240 employees make up our Atlas Point team. We are all deeply committed to supporting our neighbors and the Delaware business community through our engagement efforts and dedication to sustainability.

Have questions about Atlas Point? Contact our Community Engagement team via email,, or via our Community Information Line, +1 (302) 429-5474.

Croda Atlas Point


Croda Inc is the North American headquarters for Croda, with over 470 employees, working in a variety of roles in manufacturing, sales, marketing and research and development.

Atlas Point community updates

Croda Atlas Point is deeply committed to the safety of its employees and its community members. We are committed to ensuring safe operations at our plant and using our strong commitment to sustainability to continually improve our impact on the environment.

Croda Atlas Point is deeply committed to the safety of its employees and its community members. We are committed to ensuring safe operations at our plant and using our strong commitment to sustainability to continually improve our impact on the environment.

We would like to share some key actions we have recently undertaken to improve the Croda Community Notification System (CCNS), installed to ensure our neighboring communities are alerted to any potential issues at our site.

  • On February 8, 2022, we will perform the first routine test of the year. This test will include all 4 CCNS sirens. It will occur at 7:00 PM and last for 1 minute. No action is required by residents who hear this test. More details will be available shortly.
  • All 3 new sirens were installed, and preliminary testing was conducted in November and December.
  • Over the summer, permanent easements were prepared by legal counsel to permit access to the properties owned by New Castle County and other private landowners to allow Croda the right to enter such properties for purposes of installing, maintaining and repairing the alarms and their associated utilities. The easements for all 3 locations have been signed and completed.
  • On May 26, DNREC communicated they had no objections to the CCNS improvement plan as presented.
  • In the spring, we communicated with various groups about the CCNS upgrade plan.
    • We presented the updates to the CCNS plan to the Community Advisory Council (CAC) on June 2.
    • We developed a CCNS plan flyer, which is posted below and available for download.
    • We presented the CCNS plan to Wilmington Area Planning Council (Wilmapco) - Route 9 on May 13.
    • We presented the CCNS plan to The Local Emergency Planning Commission for New Castle County (LEPC for NCC) on May 10.
    • We presented the CCNS plan to the CAC on April 28.
  • On March 26, Croda submitted a written plan for our siren project to DNREC. Prior to the plan submission to DNREC, Croda had: 
    • Engaged Delmarva Power during the week of March 15 and discussed access to utility rights of way for possible additional alarm locations.
    • Reviewed alarm design with NCC Office of Emergency Management.
    • Received preliminary design and modelling for alarm locations from vendor.
    • Engaged with alarm vendor to evaluate potential additional siren locations.

This notice and the expansion of our alarm system is undertaken as part of the settlement of an enforcement action.


Croda Atlas Point Community Notification System -Proposal for System Expansion- May 2021

Croda Community Notification System Expansion Plan Proposal - March 2021

What's that sound?

Croda’s Atlas Point facility has an audible community alarm, the Croda Community Notification System (CCNS), which is separate from our site-only alarms for employees. The CCNS is used to alert the community about situations occurring at our site, if ever needed. Working in cooperation with the New Castle County Office of Emergency Management, the CCNS would be used to notify neighbors of an emergency.

What you need to know about our siren:

  • Listen to the siren

  • Learn what to do if you hear the siren here

  • Read about our expansion of the CCNS here

Croda Community Notification System Tone

Croda CCNS General Information

Croda Atlas Point Community Notification System -Proposal for System Expansion- May 2021

Giving back 

We firmly believe that it is our social obligation to make a positive, lasting difference in our community. Atlas Point is always exploring new community engagement initiatives to invest in. Our employees regularly come together to give back through our 1% Club volunteer program and our STEM Committee. View the photos below to learn more about our recent activities .
  • Head Start Program

    December 8, 2021

  • FAME Inc.

    October 16, 2021

  • Food Bank of Delaware Mobile Pantry

    October 13, 2021


Atlas Point is home to our ECO Range, which manufactures 100% bio-based surfactants, the first of their kind in the United States. We are also continuously re-evaluating our processes to determine how we can become more sustainable. We have already implemented numerous changes, such as using onsite solar panels and combined heat and power units that are powered by landfill gas. These shifts have resulted in:

  • Nearly 37% of the site’s generated energy being renewable
  • The site running on 100% renewable electricity
  • A 13% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions intensity since 2018
  • A 19% reduction in waste to landfill since 2018

    Solar panels in field


Sustainability spans every area of our business and is a crucial way we add value to our customers.

Community help

More information on what we are doing to help our local community

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The Delaware Emergency Notification System

The Delaware Emergency Notification System (DENS) is the primary system for public warning and emergency protective action information in the State of Delaware. Municipalities, Counties, and State Agencies utilize the system to inform and warn the public during emergencies that adversely affect the health, safety, and welfare of Delaware citizens. The system allows local 911 centres or emergency managers to send messages to the specific street, neighbourhood, or larger areas affected by the event. In the event a line is busy, the DENS system will retry 2 additional times to deliver the message. If an answering machine or voicemail is reached, the system will deliver the emergency message there.

DENS allows emergency voice messages to be delivered to a home or business within the traditional land line telephone network. If you have this type of phone, your address and phone number is already in the DENS database.

Registering your phone enables DENS to geocode your phone number to your home (or work) address and can send messages to your cell phones and Voice over IP home phones.  If an emergency message has a text or e-mail included, registering your phone information will allow you to receive the text or e-mail message.
Register on the DENS website here