The operational management of the Business is delegated by the Board to the Group Chief Executive, who uses several Committees to assist him in this task.

The role of the Executive-level Committees is set out below, with a table showing the membership as at March 2019.

Group Executive Committee

The Committee meets eleven times a year and is responsible for: developing and implementing strategy, operational plans, policies, procedures and budgets; monitoring operating and financial performance; assessing and controlling risk; and prioritising and allocating resources.

Group Finance Committee

The Committee meets every month to review monthly operating results and examine capital expenditure projects.

Risk Management Committee

The Committee meets quarterly to evaluate and propose policies and monitor processes to control business, operational and compliance risks faced by the Group, and to assess emerging risks.

Group SHEQ Steering Committee

The Committee meets quarterly to monitor progress against the Group safety, health, environmental and quality objectives and targets, review safety performance and audits, and determine the requirement for new or revised SHEQ policies, procedures and objectives.

Group Ethics Committee

The Committee meets quarterly in support of our culture of integrity, honesty and openness, and to promote the importance of ethics and compliance across the Group and amongst our supply chain partners.

Routine Business Committee

The Committee comprises the Group Chief Executive and Group Financial Director, with the Group General Counsel and Company Secretary and Group Financial Controller acting as alternates. The Committee attends to business of a routine nature and to the administration of certain matters, the principles of which have been agreed by the Board or the Group Executive Committee.

Committee Membership   Group Executive Committee Risk Management Committee Group SHEQ Steering Committee Group Finance Committee Group Ethics Committee Routine Business Committee
Steve Foots Group Chief Executive Chairman Member Chairman Chairman
Stuart Arnott President Sustainability Member     Member
Sandra Breene President Personal Care Member Member
Tom Brophy Group General Counsel, Company Secretary and MD Western Europe Member Member Chairman Member
Nick Challoner President Life Sciences Member Member Member
Anthony Fitzpatrick President Corporate Development Member Member Member
Maarten Heybroek President Performance Technologies & Industrial Chemicals Member Member
Jez Maiden Group Finance Director Member Chairman Member Chairman
Tracy Sheedy Group HR Director Member Member
Ritesh Tanna Group Financial Controller Member Member Member
Mark Robinson Vice President Global Sustainability Operations Chairman Member Member
Hazel Whitaker Vice President Risk & Assurance Member Member Member