The Ultimate in High Slip and Stability

Croda launches new polymer slip additive with breakthrough technology

Croda Polymer Additives has launched a game-changing polymer slip additive that uses new technology to combine the anti-friction benefits of erucamide with the stability benefits of behenamide. Incroslip™ SL provides both high slip performance and long term oxidative stability to protect against undesired changes in taste and color in consumer-sensitive plastics applications.

The company states that, traditionally, polymer slip additives offer the practical benefits of easier processing and handling, but under stressed conditions, like heat or UV exposure, these additives can break down and negatively affect the end performance. Attributes such as feel, odor and taste of the packaging or contents can sometimes be compromised. Croda asserts that Incroslip SL offers high, long-lasting slip benefits for improved performance, while maintaining stability to preserve product quality. Additionally, Incroslip SL has demonstrated excellent anti-scratch and low-blooming properties that are ideal in automotive applications.

Croda explains that this new technology will enable customers to achieve long lasting slip performance, while delivering safe, high quality products to consumers. More information and product samples of Incroslip SL, can be requested through the company’s website.

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About Croda Polymer Additives
Founded in 1925 Croda has developed its position as a leading speciality chemical company producing an unrivalled range of naturally derived products for industry. From Personal Care to Polymer Additives, Home care to Health care, Lubricants to Crop Care, Croda technologies will be at the heart of the finished products. Croda Polymer Additives is a global business offering speciality additives into a wide range of polymer applications. Croda Polymer Additives provide the following effects: anti-fog, anti-static, mold release, pigment dispersion, slip & anti-block, torque release, UV-absorption, & speciality plasticisers. Croda’s brands for these products are: Atmer, Crodamide, IncroMax, Incroslip, IncroMold, Solasorb, & Syncroflex.