Mediatone - A Highly Purified Skin Tone Mediator

Sederma introduces Mediatone™, a highly purified active ingredient designed to brighten the complexion with a tailor-made approach for ethnic skins. It provides dark skin with a global brightening effect while lightening hyperpigmented spots on medium skin tone (Asian).

Mediatone™ acts as a skin tone mediator to achieve a fairer and more even complexion. From the nucleus to the melanocyte environment, Mediatone™ acts all along the melanin pathway.

It regulates the genetic pigmentation (melanin production: -51% vs control), counteracts the stress-induced pigmentation and melanin transfer to the keratinocytes by reducing the melanocyte dendricity. Obtained by an eco-designed process, which reaction has received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2005, Mediatone™ is of high-purity and without toxicity on cells (unlike competitive inhibitors). Mediatone™ complies with the Chinese regulation for cosmetic ingredients.

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