Croda Announces the Latest in Base Stock

With years of formulation expertise and insightful trend knowledge, Croda, a global specialty chemical company, introduced a new base stock for automotive and industrial applications at STLE’s annual meeting on May 15, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Base Stocks for the Future

First in the line of a new category of synthetic base stocks, PriolubeTM HS 1000, provides improved performance in key industry market needs without compromising other performance requirements. This new technology is targeted across many synthetic lubricant applications initially including:industrial gear oils, turbine oil, engine oils, and metalworking.

Priolube HS 1000 is a tertiary liquid amide, group V base stock. It has proven to deliver improved additive solubility and exceptional hydrolytic stability in lubricant formulations. It provides seal swell characteristics, reduced sludge formation, and reduced friction and improved wear performance. All of this is provided while demonstrating no negative impact on corrosion, demulsibility, and air release.

Due to the exceptional hydrolytic stability of this amide technology it excels in highly demanding applications where there is potential of water ingress. MTM testing shows significant reduction in wear when comparing the depth and the width of the scars produced when using competitive co base oils.

“We’re committed to partnering with our customers to find new and innovative ways to meet their needs. Whether we’re creating novel molecules or providing custom formulation advice, our customers know they can look to us to help them select the most effective ingredients for product development,” said Chris Donaghy, Lubricants Sales Director, Croda North America.

Major benefits of our new base stock:

  • Improves additive solubility
  • Improves hydrolytic stability
  • Improves seal swell characteristics when compared with conventional polyol esters
  • Exhibits reduced friction, wear, demulsibility and sludge formation compared to polyol esters
  • Demonstrates no negative effect regarding corrosion and air release

Priolube HS 1000 presentation at STLE

On May 15th, Croda presented Priolube HS 1000 to the public at the 2016 STLE annual meeting and exhibition. “We are very excited to bring this new Group V base stock to the marketplace. There was a lot of interest in Priolube HS 1000 at STLE and we expect that to grow even more as we roll out more performance data in demanding lubricant applications.” said Suresh Swaminathan, Lubricants Sales Manager, Croda North America.

Priolube HS1000 is produced in the USA in Mill Hall, Pennsylvania, where Croda has been producing specialty chemicals for over 50 years.

Croda continues to innovate with products that meet increasingly challenging performance standards, are environmentally sustainable and improve efficiency. Priolube HS 1000 is its latest product development in this are offering customers a base stock with outstanding hydrolytic stability and improved additive solubility, while achieving reduced friction without compromising wear performance, leading to improved energy efficiency and equipment durability.

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