Incroslip SL Granted European Food Contact Approval

Croda International Plc, who create, make and sell speciality chemicals for some of the biggest, most successful brands in the world, today announced that one of its latest innovations, Incroslip SL, has been granted approval for use as an additive in the manufacture of polyolefin plastic materials and articles that come into contact with food according to Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 as amended. This latest update now allows the product to be used in polyolefin food applications such as packaging films, molding and caps.

Incroslip SL is the cutting edge slip additive technology from Croda Polymer Additives. It functions as a high slip additive with superior stability for use where traditional slip additives, such as erucamide and oleamide, are unable to give the desired performance. These traditional high slip additives can lose slip performance over time as they begin to breakdown, especially in high temperatures or after exposure to UV light. This often leads to negative effects in the end application such as odour, taste and changes in colour. Incroslip SL has demonstrated its superior stability even in the most challenging conditions to give high slip performance over time without any negative effects.

Incroslip SL has additionally found value in non-food applications such as a low bloom scratch resistant additive for automotive parts. Michelle Downham, European Technical Marketing Manager says “We are really excited about this new approval in food contact applications. This will allow our customers to demonstrate improved stability and higher performance in packaging that can be used in the food and drink market, such as extended life span, better organoleptic properties along with high slip required for processing efficiency.”

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