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Croda joins KTN SME accelerator programme

Croda International Plc, which uses smart science to create, make and sell speciality chemicals has agreed to support UK-based SMEs and start-ups to bring their technology closer to market through the KTN SME accelerator programme.

Recognised for its long-standing focus on innovation in both the chemistry and industrial biotechnology areas, Croda recently announced its 2030 Sustainability Commitment to be the most sustainable supplier of innovative ingredients and to become Climate, Land and People Positive by 2030. To deliver this, the company recognises the importance of partnerships, collaboration, and investment in new technologies. Meeting their ambitious sustainability Commitment will see a focus on technology that not only enables the reduction of emissions to support Croda’s Net Zero ambition, but also creates novel and innovative new effects for its customers. 

The KTN accelerator programme provides tailored support to early-and late-stage innovators, helping to accelerate their path to commercialisation. It also mentors those on the scheme, providing access to innovation experts from KTN and the chemical industry. Here, Croda will be able to provide a wealth of information and experience in not only chemistries and formulation, but also scale-up for manufacture.  Their direct selling model will also mean they are able to share vital customer and consumer insight.