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Essentium Partnered with Croda Smart Materials

Essentium, Inc. has partnered with Croda to develop a unique anti-static 3D filament line based on Croda Ionphase™ permanent anti-static additives. Essentium provides industrial 3D printing solutions that are surpassing typical manufacturing processes by bringing both product strength and production speed together, with a no-compromise engineering material set. This new line has excellent impact strength, tear strength, and abrasion resistance and is safe for cleanroom and electronics manufacturing applications. Unlike other electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe materials, which are only offered in black due to carbon additives, Essentium has developed an exclusive filament line in color. This new material is ideal for sensitive applications such as space vehicles and satellite manufacturing, where no-fly parts must be both ESD safe and red in colour.

The first innovative material development introduced resulting from the collaboration between Essentium and Croda’s Smart Materials market sector, is Essentium TPU 58D-AS, an ESD safe and anti-static thermoplastic polyurethane filament that is available for the first time in colour.