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Investments in North American Field Crops Business

Leading seed treatment company Incotec, part of Croda International, announces two significant investments in its North American business; the relocation of its film coat DISCO production from Oxford, Indiana to Croda’s manufacturing facility in Mill Hall, Pennsylvania in the summer of 2017 and the opening of an Innovation Centre in the Des Moines, Iowa area in early 2018. North America is the largest market for seed enhancement in field crops and is projected to grow. The main crops are corn, soybeans, sunflower, rice, wheat, cotton, canola and cereals. 


The newest investments will bring Incotec closer to key areas of the field crop market, as well as, increase the support they can offer to the vegetable seed treatment market in the eastern part of North America. Resultantly Incotec will be well placed to effectively respond to local customer needs. In 2016 Incotec announced a 4 million USD investment to concentrate and strengthen their seed enhancement operations and R&D efforts in Salinas, California, the heart of the vegetable business. This operation will reach completion by the end of 2017.

Strategic locations

Mill Hall is an existing Croda manufacturing facility which has all the necessary infrastructure to accommodate the production of film coat liquids such as skilled workforce, laboratories, and logistics. Future capacity increase can also be accommodated. Des Moines is located in the core of the North American field crop market and close to major customer locations for corn, soybeans, rice, and other field crops. Advantages are improved customer experience, better presentation of proof of concept products in a professional environment, timely technical support for customers, increased production efficiency and capacity, and the availability of top Ag technology R&D talent.

Innovation Center in Des Moines

Incotec is extremely proud to announce the addition of a state of the art Innovation Centre, dedicated to providing innovative products and solutions tailored to market needs. The Innovation Centre in Des Moines, Iowa will house both R&D and Commercial functions. In 2018 the Pollinator Plus operation, currently located in Oxford, will also move to the Innovation Centre. Pollinator Plus is a method of synchronising the flowering period of male and female plants, leading to optimal production of hybrid corn seeds.