Croda is committed to using raw materials from sustainable sources. This commitment includes palm oil (PO), palm kernel oil (PKO) and their derivatives.

Since 2011, we have taken a very proactive approach to fully support sustainable PO and PKO and continue working with the industry to secure a sustainable source of derivatives.

Thirteen of our manufacturing sites are Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Supply Chain Certified to handle sustainable PO/PKO derivatives via physical supply chains, Mass Balance and Segregated. These certified sites handle more than 99% of our palm derivatives.

In 2018 we have further strengthened our commitment by working with a third party, independent organisation to confirm and verify transparency of our supply chains. This work involves collecting data from major suppliers, responsible for 80% of the volume of palm and palm kernel derivatives we use. We have identified the mills associated with this volume, including location and GPS coordinates, and ongoing work using these data will inform a risk assessment of the sourcing areas and ensure progress towards fully sustainable and deforestation-free sourcing by 2020.

We will continue to publish progress against our commitments through our annual Sustainability Report, on our website and within the RSPO’s Annual Communication of Progress.

Dr Terence Thistlethwaite, Vice President, Sustainability

August 2018