Embrace and empower all individuals

For us, Diversity & Inclusion is about supporting, valuing and respecting difference in our workforce, and ensuring that all of our employees feel empowered and included. It also focuses on creating a culture, at every level of our Business and in every location,  of mutual respect for mutual benefit. We focus on this because it is:

Good for our people - When we all feel respected and that our opinion counts, we enjoy greater career satisfaction, feel invested in and have more opportunity to fulfil our potential.

Good for our Business - Greater diversity in our teams can lead to new, better ways of working and thinking, driving ideas and innovations. It also allows us to better represent the diversity of the communities in which we operate.

Highlights include:

  • 67% male and 33% female gender split across the business
  • 50/50 gender balance in our graduate scheme in North America

Rebalancing gender in the science industry

In September, Anita Frew succeeded Martin Flower as Chairman of Croda and will be a figurehead and inspiration for women across our Business. We continue to monitor the gender profile of our workforce, and in 2015 we have seen an improvement in the gender balance of our graduate training programme, particularly in North America where there is now a 50/50 balance.

Geographical diversity

Our expansion in emerging markets has led to a greater focus on ensuring that our people reflect the diversity of the locations where they are based. We have launched a recruitment system that allows us to promote our vacancies worldwide, and begun the process of translating our Human Resources and recruitment pages into local languages.

Talent Programme in Mexico

In Mexico we were pleased and privileged to welcome 17 year old Diana Vanessa Martinez to the team in 2015. Diana joined us as part of the Adopt a Talent Programme, a non-profit organisation formed by leading teachers and scientists in the country. She is the first woman from a very poor community in the Chiapas Mountains to ever enter the world of education. She will be personally mentored by our Country Director and will attend university to fulfil her dream of becoming a scientist. To read more about Diversity & Inclusion at Croda, please read our Sustainability Report