To contribute to, and proactively seek, higher quality standards across product and operational aspects of our Business to ensure consumer safety

With complex global supply chains, increasing consumer expectations and the media spotlight on business ethics and integrity, our holistic approach to Quality Assurance (QA) goes much further than product quality and encompasses the whole customer experience of doing business with us. This approach is fundamental to our ongoing success, as it differentiates us and enhances our customers relationships. To achieve this, we focus on:

  • operating to accredited quality standards to provide assurance of consistent quality and compliance to our customers and other stakeholders
  • engaging in industry associations to provide our expertise and prepare ourselves for incoming regulations
  • managing and implementing quality and compliance across our business to ensure a consistent customer experience    
Highlights include:
  • 100% of our manufacturing sites operate to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality standards
  • 100% of our manufacturing sites supplying cosmetic ingredients operate to the EFfCI GMP quality standard
  • 220+ industry associations engaged in dialogue with us in 2015
Pioneering success with EFfCI and EXCiPACT quality standards:

“Our leading role in developing Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards for cosmetic ingredients through the European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients (EFfCI) has become even more influential and far-reaching, as we have seen EFfCI go from a European to a global quality brand. We have also been a lead player in transforming standards for pharmaceutical excipients through our work with EXCiPACT and we are seeing more customers starting to value this. Iain Moore, Head of Global Quality Assurance, UK Not only is EXCiPACT adding value by assuring customers of the safety of our products, but it is also proving helpful in replacing the need for separate customer audits and the associated time costs and travel requirements. Melissa O’Grady, QA Manager, UK

Sharing our expertise with industry

Richard Cawthorne, Research and Technology Specialist, sits on the United States Pharmacopeia’s Excipients Expert Committee, which is concerned with monographs (reviews of fundamental topics or issues) for oils, fats, waxes and surfactants. Richard commented: My involvement in the Committee allows us to initiate new monographs, we currently have four in development covering Health Care excipients. It also gives us input into significant revisions of existing monographs. This means we are playing a lead role in developing  new standards that will help our customers. It also gives us a privileged view of new developments, so that we can manage potential  threats to our Business Richard has also been a member of the European Pharmacopeia’s Fatty Oils and Derivatives expert group since 2001. He represents the UK in this forum and the work programme of the group encompasses monographs that apply to over 200 of our products.

To read more about how we are engaging in the enhancement of Quality Assurance across our business and in industry, please read our Sustainability Report.